Through this blog I will attempt to communicate my love of history. Admittedly this blog will focus on the Medieval, Elizabethan and Celtic Periods of history, but I shall attempt to offer a diverse range of subject matters. I hope to express the heartache, horrors and happiness experienced by ordinary people during these periods of history, along with detailed case studies of famous figures and their illnesses.

I hope to take you through the narrow muddied streets of medieval Europe and with equal zeal a pavan danced in the court of Elizabeth 1, in short I hope you will be able to experience the past.

From a young age my fascination for history has led me from book to book, stately home to stately home and museum to museum. My love of history profoundly lays with the lives of ordinary people, perhaps because of this I am developing into a re-enactor of the Medieval Period. As a student of GCSE History I am truly a miniature historian. I believe whole heartedly that history should not just be held at a distance, read about and heard of but touched and experienced. I myself am frequently authentically cooking and tasting historical recipes and could by Medieval standards at least be considered a qualified apothecary.

My hopes for the future are vast, but truly my most heart-felt goal is to get more people to think of history the way I do, but not by one day becoming a teacher.



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